Parcel·la B28. Locals 2 i 3. Polígon industrial de Pollença
Tel.: 971 53 02 29 / 660 17 71 2
Web: www.gelatsvalls.es

Gelats Valls prepare ice creams, in which quality stands out above all, since 1930


  • Pint of ice cream: we make, with artisanal techniques, near 40 flavours, such as the typical hazelnut and almonds (ideal with some “Gató”), Greek yogurt, vanilla, orange and biscuit of chocolate, chocolate, raspberry, cherry, mint chocolate, etc.
  • Ice lolly: with coconut, lemon, orange, chocolate or strawberry flavour.
  • Slush with many different flavours: lemon, orange and almond, besides the tiger nut milk.
  • Candy: Peppermint with chocolate covering, raspberries with chocolate and lemon covering, vanilla with of milk chocolate and almonds covering; besides the chocolate with dark chocolate covering, and a classic, cream with the chocolate coating.
  • In terrine or wafer: Also with many flavours as, rum with raisins, mango, lemon, Stracciatella, Tangerine with Strawberry, Almond drum, and the good old ones.
Do you want ice cream?
Both businesses (restaurants, hotels, etc.) and for services (weddings, communions, etc.) we make ice cream you want and you can customize it so your party or event will be an unforgettable moment.


Valls Ice creams was founded by Rafael Valls Valls. Nowadays his grandchildren continue the task of making high quality ice cream, considered one of the best ice creams in the Balearic Islands.

Direct sales kiosks

There are two stores where you can enjoy our good ice creams; one in the centre of Pollença and the other on the seaside in Port de Pollença.

At Pollença

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At Port de Pollença

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