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At the Treu Banya farm you will find Bover snails. Jaume raises them at the same farm in Muro with passion, devotion and patience.

Bover snail (Helix aspersa) is one of the most characteristic species in Catalan and Majorcan cuisine. It has a more instense flavor and a tastier texture.

What are they fed??

At Treu Banya they feed their snails with plants. This food is 100% organic based on plants such as fodder radish, clover, white beet, cabbage, spinach, marrow or carrot.

The life of the snail

A snail is not bred in a single day. It needs 9 months. His life can be divided into three phases.

  1. From the moment eggs are laid until they hatch 21 days pass.
  2. When they are 3 or 4 months old they become breeding snails.
  3. It is not until 8 or 9 months have past that snails shape peristome, ie, they do not produce slime anymore and can be cooked.

The snails breed during the spring and fall. But snails in Treu Banya farm breed throughout the year, because they are kept in an incubator with a temperature between 18-23 degrees, in a wet environment.

Sale of snails

Sale of snails

Who can buy this product?

  • Restaurants, hotels
  • Individuals

You can make orders

696 60 92 92 / 617 34 09 27


  • Snails are hermaphrodites (can be male or female)
  • They have no blood.
  • They sleep during the day and emerge at night to eat.
  • They usually lay up to 3 times during his life; about130 eggs the first time and 60 eggs the last one.

Guided tours of the farm

  1. Guided tours which includes: explanation of life, reproduction and fattening of the snail, small taste of homemade products from Muro (Gori de Muro biscuits, sausages, olives and olive oil Ca Na Francisca) and visit all facilities in our farm.
  2. The visit can also be finished a meal at our Bar Piroska, specialized in snail cooking. At least 40 people..
  3. These visits are aimed at colectives, associations, groups of friends, school groups and individuals.
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