At the Casa Miss restaurant, since 1967, they have been serving “variats” (big, small and medium sized) and “tapas” as tongue with capers, breaded calamari, croquettes, pork or the liver flags and stuffed “llonguet” roll typical of the municipality. In addition, you will find an exhibition of interesting art thanks to the works of art that artists exhibit there temporarily. Thera have been exhibitions of leading figures like Xam Burwitz or Brunet.

In addition to its menu and “variats” you will find a specialty every day.

  •      Monday: eggs with tomato
  •      Wednesday: pork with sauce
  •      Thursday: mushrooms with leeks / Mallorcan “frit”
  •      Friday: cod with onions
  •      Saturday: Fried pork
  •      Sunday: Grilled cuttlefish

Moreover, the establishment preserves authentic antique jewels such as the beer tap, the coffee machine or a telephone from the early twentieth century.

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