Tomeu restaurant Lassio from Lloseta, find and select a proposal succulent touch with the author, based on Mallorcan cuisine, local produce and seasonal. Tomeu Lassio knows that food comes from rural tradition (in his house have chickens, pigs, rabbits, almond, saffron and have planted orchards).

Trained at the Hotel School of the Balearic Islands, the Hotel Son Brull Joan Marc Santi Taura and the restaurant Sa Taparera Llubí.

We’ve tasted dishes such as cocarrois fried with lard red, seafood soup (Mallorcan style), dentex fish baked with garlic mayonnaise godmother (with marjoram, chard, spinach and parsley), loin steak with gravy and pepper toasted and ‘crema cremada’ with whipped cinnamon. All served format menu.

The venue has also been the home of renowned chefs like Joan Carrossa and Santi Taura. In fact, this area was formerly the Celler de Can Carrossa, one of the most emblematic Lloseta. The shape of the parents of Tomeu Lassio welcome you, a gesture of gratitude towards the support of his family and a treat to savor home-made with love proposal.

The paintings of the artist Joana Santamans  decorate the restaurant with fresh produce and land, some foods that define its cuisine.

Reservations are recommended in advance.

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