Arriving at the restaurant on a Monday afternoon and seeing it all full means that things are done right. We speak about the restaurant Can Jaume in Artà where we will find good home cooking.

You can have your lunch there every day with his 8 euro daily menu (including dessert and drink). They are mainly Mallorcan dishes and seasonal. In addition, the menu on Saturday includes baked suckling pig and “paella”. We have enjoyed eating fried offal and “llampuga” with peppers.

Regarding the menu, includes dishes such as cod with breaded onion or lamb ribs. They also prepare any meal that you order in advance.

By the way, every Friday evening there is a good selection of tapas such as “raola” with Padron peppers, loin with mushrooms, chicken skewers, “trempó” with anchovies or “mussola” with peppers, each one for only 1 euro.

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